Vedrana Balen Spinčić (after the Brothers Grimm)

City Puppet Theatre, Rijeka
Vedrana Balen Spinčić
Serđo Dlačić
Luči Vidanović
Srđan Badurina
Lighting design:
Sanjin Seršić
Karin Fröhlich / David Petrović

10 July at 21:00

For the age: 3+

Once upon a time there lived the brothers Grimm. And they wrote a great many beautiful fairy tales alive still today and inspiring us. One of them is a tale of a brother and a sister who encounter many misfortunes, fantastic beings and dramatic turns.  Thus, the actors of a small travelling theatre, taking it out from a dusty footlocker, brought to light, that is, under the theatre floodlights, this ancient tale to tell it refreshed after 200 years since it had been written down first. According to the Rijeka puppeteers, the tale of Hansel and Gretel holds onto the original plot yet appears quite contemporary. Besides the experience of amusement and suspension, there is also the moral, a noble message of togetherness and the victory of good over the evil. This play inaugurates the so-called street theatre that has the intention of being accessible to all, namely, going to every village, town or city. The logical choice for the first play of this kind has been the world classic of children’s literature, one of the most popular fairy tales, Hansel and Gretel.