Viola Veloce

Crime - comedy
Set design:
Lighting design:
Assistant set designer:
Assistant director:
Francesca Zanardelli: Rossana Carretto
Francesca: Gualtiero Giorgini
Signorina Laura - segretaria di Vernini: Rosanna Bubola
Dottor Lattanzi - Commissario di polizia: Marcello Mocchi
Francesca: Paola Bonesi
Il padre il Francesca: Giuseppe Nicodemo
Savino Santi - collega di Francesca: Marcello Mocchi
Stage manager:

Coproduction with La Contrada – Teatro Stabile di Trieste, Viola Veloce

The interesting set, divided into an office space and the home living room, with a path dividing them in life and death, was designed by Aleksandra Ana Buković, the lightning was designed by Predrag Potočnjak, while it was Pola Galassi who was responsible for the well-chosen music background that perfectly underlined the fast and playful direction. All of this gave birth to a brilliant film story on the reality of office work and clerks in today’s competitive times of crisis when you do not know anymore what you can say to whom, when you are afraid of your own shadow and never know what to expect when you arrive at your workplace.

The reality that is very harsh and mighty, tragicomic at the same time but with all those human characters that bring about interesting work situations about which you can always write an interesting story. It is hard to single out one of the seven brilliant protagonists who succeeded in perfectly complementing each other on the stage and creating together so that an hour and a half of the production passed in no time. The audience was more than satisfied.

Gloria Fabijanić Jelović, “Lunch Break Murders” – on harsh, but also tragicomic reality

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Foto & Video galerija