Authorial project by Romano Nikolić

Romano Nikolić
Set design and costume:
Zdravka Ivandija Kirigin
Vesna Kolarec
Damir Šimunović
Video projections:
Ivan Lušičić
Costume design assistant:
Žarka Krpan
Hana Hegedušić / Iva Kraljević / Beti Lučić / Robert Plemić / Spazam Orgazam
Stage manager:
Vedran Dervenkar

This is a play that raises the question of what it means to be different, as well as how much or little we regard our differences. Of what we as humans assume about others and how much these assumptions, in most cases learned patterns of recognition, lead to condemnation. If we were to stop flatly defining the people we meet, instead trying to understand their pains, fears, struggles, and suffering, we would see a range of similarities with which we have more in common than not. The station where the protagonists of the play meet becomes an encounter of drag performances, tragic heroes and “moral” revelations portrayed in the form of fragments of documentary depictions.


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