Premiere ODYSSEY

“Odyssey” is an incredible journey, a journey without a moment of respite. It all revolves around one character: Odysseus, or Ulysses. Whether the main character develops from Homer’s work or is synthesized in time or duration as in Joyce’s Ulysses, there is not much difference. Our hero grows and evolves by reaching the limits of his physical and mental abilities. The adventures and fantastic characters he encounters are a representation of his own ambitions and his own fears. These are also fantastic characters that we all encounter in our lives and who, freed from the strong symbolic and otherworldly charge they have in Homer’s work, turn into modern symbols of today. Without a defined time period, in a timeless dimension in which everything takes shape without fully taking root, Odysseus becomes a symbol of the eternal traveler. His home is the journey. The music for this ballet spans a variety of genres, from Bach to the most modern composers. The set and costumes steer and direct the audience on a shared journey, providing only reference points without limiting the imagination. It is the imagination of the audience that will realize its own inner path and together with the characters of this ballet become one with the performance. The ballet Odyssey is a story of mythical history that serves to deepen the present.


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