Play for young people and adults
Director and author of adaptation:
Adaptation of costumes:
Assistants to director:
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Special thanks to the workshops of the Rijeka City Puppet Theatre.


“The permeation of the actors and animated puppets on the boards and the inspired life and soul of the puppets gave this performance an incredibly deep dimension and served as a reminder of the meaning of theatre.”

Sanja Bosnić, Glas Istre


Oedipus the King is a fundamental theatre piece in the European cultural circle. It is Sophocles’s most significant drama, which Aristotle used as the best example to explain the idea of tragic fate.

Luciano Delprato, one of the most awarded artists from Cordoba, will offer a contemporary interpretation of this classic drama in a manner that makes the literary title more accessible to a young audience. With the help of new media, puppet theatre and object animation, this chamber play will make Oedipus the King meaningful to those encountering this title for the first time, as well as to those who are well acquainted with the complexity of Greek tragedies. This staging of Oedipus the King is undoubtedly a classic for new generations who will be able to perceive Sophocles as their contemporary rather than as dusty old literature.


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