Author and director:
Ivan Đuričić
Mario Mirković
Ivan Đuričić / Judita Franković Brdar / Peđa Gvozdić / Tana Mažuranić / Paola Slavica

“Luda kuća” (“Crazy House”) is an independent theatre founded by Rene Bitorajac and Branko Đurić Đuro. In a short time, this theatre, the only private theatre in Croatia with its own building and stage, has become competitive, recognized and well-accepted by the audience, so much so that more tickets are always requested for their performances in Zagreb and on tour.

Cabaret “Oh, Croats!”

What did the arrival of the Croats look like? How did the meeting between the mayor and Nikola Tesla go? How did Zajc write the opera Nikola Šubić Zrinjski? Is there any truth in the saying that history is a teacher of life? What will happen to the Croats in 250 years?

You will find the answers to these questions in this crazy cabaret that takes the audience on an unexpected journey into Croatia’s future in a fun and humorous way, evoking Croatia’s past.

With crazy songs and everything else that a cabaret requires, embark on a journey from the seventh century to the distant future. Oh, Croats!


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