Premiere OTELLO
Giuseppe Verdi

(5.4.2017.): Zoran Juranić
Otello: Luis Chapa
Desdemona: Anamarija Knego
Lodovico: Slavko Sekulić
Montano: Dario Bercich
Movement and choreography:
Lighting and set design:
Assistant conductor:
Assistant dramaturge-director:
Vocal coach:
Chorus master:
Stage managers:

Premiere1: 28 January 2017 / Premiere 2: 1 February 2017

After more than half a century (last time in the year 1961), the Rijeka Opera ventures to produce Otello again, the most complex of Verdi’s operas with regard to its music, dramaturgy and psychology. We will approach this masterpiece of operatic literature with (musical) direction and dramaturgy that proceed from two assumptions, namely, that the interpretation key for the three main operatic and dramatic characters (Otello, Desdemona and Iago) does not lie in the concept but in the character of three singers gathered on the occasion of this performance (Luis Chapa, Anamarija Knego, Giorgio Surian); also that the set design can be constructed by physical activities of the performers and by setting up lighting only, without a single “non living” element on the set. We are preparing the performance that will not leave indifferent either the traditional or the new opera audience.

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