Nedjeljko Fabrio – Lucija Klarić, Maja Ležaić, Nikolina Rafaj, Marin Blažević

Choreographer and assistant director:
Set designer:
Costume design:
Music authors:
Light design:
Dramaturgical advisers:
Texts from the following actress-authors are used in the show:
In the play’s 7th act, excerpts are used from the autobiography of:
Mafalda / Neva Rošić: Neva Rošić
Mira Furlan: Mira Furlan
Mama Flora / Olivera Baljak: Olivera Baljak
Antonija (Tonka) Despot / Zrinka Kolak Fabijan: Zrinka Kolak Fabijan
Fanica / Elis Lovrić: Elis Lovrić
Daša Drndić / Tanja Smoje: Tanja Smoje
Emilija / Jelena Lopatić: Jelena Lopatić
Elektra / Wanda / Ivna Bruck: Ivna Bruck
Mafalda u mladosti / Mafalda da giovane / Ludovicina majka / madre di Ludovica / Leonora Surian Popov: Leonora Surian Popov
Ludovica / Serena Ferraiuolo: Serena Ferraiuolo
Ludovica / Ana Marija Brđanović: Ana Marija Brđanović
Mafalda u Mladosti / Mafalda da giovane / Ugledna Hrvatica / una Croata rispettabile / Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk: Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk
Stara Francovich / Neda Andrić/Biljana Torić: Biljana Lovre
Andor Zsuza / Elena Brumini:
Carlo / Orest: Mirko Soldano
Fumulo mladi: Mario Jovev
Amadeo / Parsifal / Jakov Despot: Nikola Nedić
Bruno / Mladi Francovich: Giuseppe Nicodemo / Bruno Nacinovich
Lucijan: Edi Ćelić
Fran Despot / Stari Francovich: Denis Brižić
Ugo Osojnak: Anton Plešić
Jožić Despot / Vjenceslav Despot: Dean Krivačić
Jovanin Despot: Jasmin Mekić
Fran Kurelac: Anton Plešić
Erazmo Barčić / Milutin Barač: Dražen Mikulić
General Egon Grabner / Il Generale Egon Grabne: Aleksandar Cvjetković
Giovanni di Ciotta: Mirko Soldano
Frano Supilo: Denis Brižić
Gabrielle D\'Annunzio: Giuseppe Nicodemo / Bruno Nacinovich
Miroslav Krleža: Dean Krivačić
Ricardo Zanella: Giulio Settimo
Josip Broz Tito: Jasmin Mekić
Slavko Linić: Nikola Nedić
Vojko Obersnel: Mario Jovev
Stage manager:

17 March 2020 (Delayed due to pandemic. New date: 24 June 2020)

Croatian Drama in co-operation with Italian Drama of CNT Ivan pl. Zajc

In periodic dialogue with the production by Fabrio, Gašparović and Paro

It has been three decades already that the legendary play on the complex identity (identities rather), namely, Practicing Life by Nedjeljko Fabrio, Darko Gašparović and Georgij Paro, has been haunting the Rijeka CNT as an unattainable social, cultural and political, naturally, also a marketing event! Haunting, yes, even to such a measure that all that the Rijeka Theatre and theatre in general could and should be is in Rijeka always measured in relation to Practicing Life. What eventually came to be is that the very legendary performance from memory and inspiration has been degraded into a rhetoric ”souvenir” and turned into a kind of the Rijeka theatre ”curse”. Each comparison has become impossible, each criticism almost a blasphemy, and each different view and path – suspicious.

Therefore, when is it, if not precisely now, in the (already) turning point of the Rijeka cultural history, year of Rijeka as the European Capital of Culture, for us to come to grips with the “legends and myths” and invite new generations of theatre artists and to spectators to their right to present and see the new, their own interpretation of Practising Life, through it also get insight into the history of our Town, the Theatre, in fact.

The new production of Practising Life is not a renewal or reconstruction of the former one, though thoughts were given to it at some time past, but neither has it been created as if it did not have a predecessor. The new Practising Life gets into a periodic dramaturgical dialogue that is sentimental, at the same time also critical with the Fabrio, Gašparović and Paro production, while additionally proposing a new approach to the novel and its famous first staging from the beginning of the nineties out of the responsibility for and perspective of today. Practising Life – Second Time is thus a production that provides a second, in stage terms also different reading of Fabrio’s novel. It is a hommage to, as well as dramaturgical, director’s and acting reconsideration of the former Practising Life, but also of the Rijeka history of our Theatre, of the Town, that is.


Marin Blažević, Lucija Klarić, Maja Ležaić and Nikolina Rafaj


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