Igor Stravinsky


Igor Stravinski


Choreographer and set designer:
Costume design:
Lighting design:
Assistant set designer:
TERPSIHORA, muza plesa: Tea Rušin
LETO, Apolonova majka: Marta Kanazir
KALIOPE, muza epske poezije i govorništva: Ksenija Krutova
POLIHIMNIJA, muza himničnog i zborskog pjevanja: Maria del Mar Hernandez
Ballet master:

Igor Stravinski, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi


Set and costume design:
Lighting design:
PULCINELLA: Ali Tabbouch
PIMPINELLA, njegova žena: Laura Orlić
PRUDENZA: Marta Kanazir
FOURBO,Pulcinellin prijatelj: Emanuel Amuchástegui
CAVIELLO, zaljubljen u Rosettu: Daniele Romeo
FLORINDO, zaljubljen u Prudenzu:
Ballet masters:
Ballet accompanist:
Stage manager:

Premiere: 7 June 2019

It is after too long a time, we admit, that the Rijeka CNT Ballet dances again to the Rijeka Opera Orchestra. The occasion for this are two works by Igor Stravinsky, leader among the front-runners of modern tendencies in the classical music of the twentieth century, next to Tchaikovsky the most prominent composer of the ballet music. The Rijeka Ballet has invited the great Italian choreographer Giovanni di Palma, who choreographed the premiere of Pulcinella in 2017 in São Paulo, actually, hundred years after the eminent ballet impresario Sergei Diaghilev had ordered the musical score from Igor Stravinsky and direction from Léonide Massine for his famous ballet ensemble Ballets Russes. Just as the original version, so does Di Palma’s neoclassical choreography tell the story of Pulcinella, the character that emerges from the Italian Commedia dell’Arte, his girlfriend Pimpinella and four friends. It is the excellent French choreographer Martin Chaix who will choreograph in the neoclassical style Apollo by Stravinsky, following thus the tradition of the famous choreographer George Balanchin, who had established the foundations of the neoclassical style with this very ballet work. The Rijeka CNT Ballet has chosen these two choreographers to revive the art of dancing in pointe shoes, presenting the always challenging neoclassical ballet style.

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Foto & Video galerija