Artificial Intelligence Trilogy

Original work by Giuseppe Nicodemo
Idea and text:
On stage:
Stefania Laganini: Serena Ferraiuolo

Coproduction with the Miela Theatre in Trieste

“The Bonsai has Short Twigs” (“Il bonsai ha i rami corti”) was the first premiere at the Rijeka Theatre in 2020 after a period of complete closure due to the pandemic, and was the title with which we opened the door to our audience after a two-month hiatus. The news of the success of the touching play reached all the way to Trieste, where the Miela Theatre expressed great interest in producing a sequel on the same topic. Written by Giuseppe Nicodemo, an actor/director with a special sense of drama and comedy, the audience will be able to watch the entire trilogy, the theme of which is new technologies.


The play will be performed in Italian with Croatian surtitles.


The show lasts approximately one hour and is performed without an intermission.

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