Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol

Roman Šovary
Sergej Potapov
Mirna Rustemović
Set designer, costume designer, video designer:
Julija Vetrova
Lighting design:
Aleksandar Čavlek
Assistent set designer:
Andrea Lipej
Costume design assistant:
Ana Trišler
Ivo Alebić / Karla Špiranec / Yvonne Tadić / Marija Kelava
Bojan Navojec / Daria Lorenci Flatz / Iva Mihalić / Slavko Juraga / Dušan Bućan / Alen Šalinović / Milan Pleština / Filip Vidović / Silvio Vovk / Igor Kovač / Ivan Jončić / Kristijan Potočki / Tin Rožman / Borko Rupena
Stage manager:
Roko Grbin

The play The Government Inspector, based on N. V. Gogol’s masterpiece and directed by one of the most awarded Russian artists Sergej Potapov, reveals the world of corruption down to the smallest detail, evoking numerous characters who remain in their positions only through connections, services and money. Immorality, cunning and obsequiousness reign; deceivers take advantage of this while creating an image of a sick and corrupt society. The “auditor” of the Zagreb HNK drama does not intend to enter into a dialogue with the past, but rather with the present.

“In our play, I wanted to move away from the well-known interpretation of The Government Inspector and create a new vision of the play with the actors. We especially focused on the character of Hlestakov, who is most often presented as a silly, frivolous, hedonistic, rude, lying, insensitive young man. We portray him completely differently, and that is why his end is inevitable. Perhaps this view of Hlestakov will not be met with general approval, but the director must shape his interpretation to the end, just as each viewer must interpret what they see in their own way. That is the essence of theatre,” said director Sergej Potapov, nicknamed “The Siberian Tarantino,” and who, in addition to theatre, also works with feature and documentary films.


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