Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Costume and set design:
Light design:
Assistant choreographer:
Costume adaptation:
Scenography adaptation:
Marie (22.12.,12 h; 23.12.): Maria Matarranz de las Heras
Drosselmeyer: Michele Pastorini
Nutcracker (22.12.,12 h; 23.12.): Ali Tabbouch
Nutcracker (22.12., 19,30 h; 24.12.): Thomas Krähenbühl
Guests: Nicola Prato
Prilipat: Álvaro Olmedo
Snowflakes: Laura Orlić
Snowflakes: Anna Zardi / Tea Rušin
Queen of mice: Ksenija Krutova
Gabi Butković / Hana Host / Marie Crnković / Klara Strčić
Students of the Primary School for Ballet and Contemporary Dance of the Vežica Primary School trained by:
Alena Medič
Riječki simfonijski orkestar
Ballet masters:
Stage manager:

In short, Rijeka’s The Nutcracker is a different performance of a ballet fairy tale, new to the Croatian stage, brave in regard to the musical template, exciting in the contemporary dance code, witty and distinctive in its dance interpretations and attractive to a wide audience.
Maja Đurinović,


The show lasts approximately two hours and is performed with an intermission between the two acts.

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