Jelena Tondini

City Puppet Theatre, Rijeka
Morana Dolenc
Luči Vidanović / Anita Valo / Meri Jaman
Lighting design:
Sanjin Seršić
Zlatko Vicić / Petra Šarac / Vanja Jovanović

11 July at 21:00

For the age: 3+

The main character of this story is Wanda, a sheep that due to its wool of many colours and unusual appearance stands out among other animals, her surroundings and friends. Although her specific appearance singles her out in the field she lives on, with the time she is beginning to understand that this is not her drawback but her advantage. This is a tale of tolerance and respect for the otherness that will help children at the earliest age learn the importance of accepting those who are different from them. Rijeka and the Kvarner area are, among other things, known for the tolerant views that need to be nurtured and fostered all the time. As the play has been created after the picture book of the same name that bases its visual identity on natural materials, that is, the felt sheep’s wool and the fragrant lavender, Wanda Lavanda unites in itself the contemporary and topical content as well as the traditional features of the Mediterranean.