Premiere WATER / VODA
Vladimir Nazor

CNT Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian drama company in co-operation with the ballet company
Director and choreographer:
Author of adaptation and dramaturge:
Goran Ferčec
Set designer:
Mauricio Ferlin
Costume design:
Desanka Janković / Matija Ferlin
Lighting design:
Assistant choreographer:
Roberta Milevoj
Language adviser:
Zrinka Kolak Fabijan
Vocal coach:
Stage manager:

Premiere: 17 March 2018

Part of the Rijeka Youth Theatre Kamov programme

The short story «Voda» (Water) belongs to the cycle «Novele s otoka» (Short Stories from the Island), being one of the most famous Nazor’s autobiographical sketches. The central character, boy Vlado, is actually the author himself, living as a child on an island. He is preparing to enter the world of adulthood by going to school in the city, far away from the island and from his parents. For three months there has been no rain in Velo Selo (Big Village) where he spends his lasts days on the island. The soil, people and animals, all suffer a great drought. Under the intense heat of the sun, a rising disquiet emerges among the inhabitants of Velo Selo, while the nature is unrelenting, impelling people to adapt to its rules. On the waterfront, people are waiting for the water tanker to quench the days long thirst, but the impatience is great and as if the whole of the village followed an unstoppable choreography of thirst and disquiet. When the water finally arrives, clouds begin to gather announcing a great tempest and a lot of rain that will bring too much water. Following the rhythm of the nature, Nazor also follows the rhythm of an island village from the perspective of a boy who is preparing to leave, for a departure that will forever change his life.

Running time:

The performance lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

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