24 May 2020

After you followed ”Zajc with you – online” from the comfort of your home for two months, the Rijeka CNT Ivan pl. Zajc is finally opening its doors on Wednesday 20th May 2020. We are inviting spectators to our auditorium that is aired, disinfected and has been adapted according to the guidelines of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Naturally, it will take a while for all of us to become used to the new circumstances of entering the theatre, watching theatre plays and enjoying concert performances, while we in “Zajc” have worked out how to make this time of adjustment as pleasant and entertaining as possible. Some of these rules you may find unusual, some you might find annoying, but, let us think this over.

How many times was it that you wished to have more space next to and in front of you, to be able to stretch your legs and sit up? How many times did you wish to sit in the box alone or with your closest ones only? How many times was it that you wished not having to push forward with others at the theatre entrance, then also to wait in the crowd in order to leave your coat in the cloakroom?

The new auditorium lay out, adapted to counter-pandemic measures, is replacing the frequently overcrowded Rijeka Theatre auditorium – with a brand-new theatre comfort. Jokingly, we have named it “Zajc de luxe”!

How? Why then? This s why and how:

Finally, you will be able to sit in the stalls at the adequate distance from others so that no one’s head can interfere with your view of the stage, no one to share the arm rest with, so that your neighbour’s mobile phone light may not disturb you, neither the sweets bag rustling. Instead of the existing 294 seats in the stalls there will be a maximum of 67 separated seats, individual or in pairs, easy to reach without disturbing anyone if you are late, also not knowing which side it would be politer to face while having others to stand up. Still better – having arrived at the theatre on time, no one will make you stand up so that you can read the programme in peace or send last text messages before the beginning of the performance.

Those who wish to have even more exclusiveness will find that in the new auditorium lay out boxes are reserved for you and your partner only, or just your family. You can no longer meet anyone in your box unless they have come to the theatre in your company, however, what you will find there are sweet surprises from Kraš!

You will be accompanied to your de luxe seats in the auditorium by members of the Rijeka Theatre artistic ensembles, just as flight attendants of an airplane business class do.

Who would not want to participate in such a really special theatre experience? However, this is not all that we have prepared for you!

Besides the required availability of disinfectants provided for you by the Jadranski galenski laboratorij (JGL) and Adrialab, it is upon entering that all the visitors, if they wish, will receive a specially designed protective mask as a gift to our most loyal audience. The masks were designed by Manuela Paladin Šabanović and Dobriša Radovanović, and made by our brilliant dressmakers, who make all those costumes that delight you in our performances.

For the new beginning of your “Zajc” programme we have devised a two-week programme entitled Big Revue of Small Formats. Believe it or not, we are beginning the Revue with – a new premiere, a mono-comedy on life in isolation, Il bonsai ha i rami corti/Bonsai Has Short Twigs/ by Serena Ferraiuolo and Giuseppe Nicodemo. We are devoting this premiere to our friends in Italy. There is no need to explain why. Besides this staging in the production of the Italian drama, until the end of May you will be able to see new performances of another three popular monodramas featuring splendid actresses of the drama ensemble, namely, Whore/Kurva/ with unrivalled Olivera Baljak, Down, by law in the deeply moving interpretation of Jelena Lopatić, and Lolipop of the actress and co-author Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk. To end the drama programme Big Revue of Small Formats, we are preparing Corona Cabaret with the craziest acting & music pair Spoons & Guitar/Žlice & gitara/ by Nikola Nedić and Mario Jovev, also Dean Krivačić as a special guest in the title role of Corona.

The musical part of the programme features a number of chamber concerts of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and entertaining programmes prepared for you by the leading soloists of the Rijeka Opera, Operetta Evergreens and Our Songs, Our Dreams. Kristina Kolar, Ivana Srbljan, Olga Kaminska, Vanja Zelčić and Anamarija Knego will be joined by our three tenors, Aljaž Farasin, Domagoj Dorotić and Marko Fortunato, as well as basses and baritons, Robert Kolar, Slavko Sekulić, Luka Ortar, Dario Bercich and Ivan Šimatović. Naturally, the Sunset Boulevard and Evita musical stars, namely, Elena Brumini and Leonora Surian, will be singing together with them.
All of them, all of us – can hardly wait to see you again in “Zajc”!


Box Office starts work on Monday 18th May according to its usual opening hours: 9am – 3pm Monday to Friday, 9am – 1pm Saturday, on show days 1 hour before the performance.
Tel. +385 (0)51 337 114, Mob. +385 (0)91 155 51 63


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