12 May 2017

The premiere of the Swan Lake, the re-interpretation, homage, multi-layered black and white fairy tale rich in details and the recognisable signature of Staša Zurovac, filled tonight with enthusiasm the sold out auditorium. The magic of art enchanted the audience by each of its segment, choreography and direction, conducting and orchestra, music, set, costumes, Ballet ensemble, Croatian drama members, students of the second year study programme Acting and Media – it was hard to single out what was better. The audience commended the respect that has been paid to the original story on which this work had been based, also the adding and connecting of something apparently disparate (actors with ballet dancers), erasing thus the borders of artistic expressions. “I realize there are actors among ballet dancers, but you can’t see it! I also watched the classical version, however, this is something special, all the characters are here in their known relationships, but in a completely different way. It is beautiful, captivating, funny and ironical!”, “Some of the scenes I’d call anthological”, “The scenes are pure painting!”, “In the end I was moved to tears”, are only some of the comments of spectators.

The premiere audience watched the whole of production with a great interest, rewarding it with applause and shouting “bravo” after the brave pas de quatre. All were especially touched by the end with its irrepressible force of eternal love that has lasted for 140 years already, ever since the premiere of this work.
After twenty-two years in Rijeka, the Swan Lake by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky captivated the audience. Rijeka has got its, in every way special, Swan Lake.
Staša Zurovac is choreographer and director, the conductor is Matija Fortuna, set designer and author of projections Dalibor Laginja, costume designer Bjanka Adžić Ursulov and lighting designer Deni Šesnić. The ballet master is Oksana Brandiboura Kožul and concertmaster Romeo Drucker.
As Odette/Odile it is Nika Lilek who dances; as Prince Siegfried Joseph Samuel Cane; as von Rothbart Ali Tabbouch; as Court’s Jesters there are Jelena Lopatić and Nikola Nedić; the Queen Mother is Gala Nikolić and Benno (Prince’s Friend) is Daniele Romeo. As Prince’s Friend Andrei Köteles; as Prince’s Tutor Wolfgang Dmitri Andrejčuk; four Black Swans are Laura Orlić,  Anca Zgurić, Cristina Lukanec and Ksenija Duran Krutova; Swans are Svetlana Andrejčuk, Sendi Bakotić, Marta Čaržavec, Ivan Čulo, Martin Grđan, Mario Jovev, Vitali Klok, Andrei Köteles, Irina Köteles, Ema Perović, Anna Ponomareva, Tea Rušin, Anja Sabol, Deni Sanković, Romina Tonković, Marta Voinea Čavrak, Vanda Velagić, Svebor Zgurić and others.

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