27 April 2021

Rijeka’s Traviata, conducted by maestro Valentin Egel and under the dramaturgy and direction of Marin Blažević, will hold a guest performance at the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb tomorrow, April 28. After the Rijeka and Pula audiences enthusiastically received the show, the Zagreb audience will also be able to see this production by the Rijeka Opera, which, according to theatre critic Jane Haluza, “met the highest artistic criteria and created a show worthy of the greatest opera houses,” in which our lives are problematized our lives in an epic dramatic situation of illness, forbidden intimacy, and tragic death in solitude.

“We live in circumstances that were unimaginable to us 15 months ago, and today it is difficult for us to imagine that soon, if ever, things will be significantly different, that we will ever return to the way of life before the pandemic. Times are exhaustingly unpredictable. Two months ago, we performed La Traviata in Rijeka, and were the only theatre in Croatia and the wider region that found ways to perform operas within the limits set by anti-epidemic measures. This week we are emigrating with La Traviata to the Zagreb National Theatre because theatres in our county are closed, though not the café terraces or shopping centers. Never before has it been so crucial for national theatres to cooperate and mutually support each other,” said Marin Blažević on the eve of tomorrow’s guest performance.

We wish our Traviata a successful performance in Zagreb and hope to perform the show on the Zajc stage as soon as possible.

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