In the new season of the Rijeka CNT Ballet, we decided to be guided by ideas of diversity, work and excellence in order to emancipate and strengthen the position and activities of the Rijeka Ballet ensemble. The variety of artistic projects and their very titles, from Macbeth, In any Case and Merry Christmas of Playful Children, to Hansel and Gretel and Rossini Cards, point to the diversity that represents the place of encounters, openness, curiosity, solidarity and equality. It is in the encounter with the other and the different that it is possible to test and challenge the flexibility of the ballet ensemble to be ready for experiment, creation, innovation, and, finally, the very artistic identity and attitude of the ensemble. The aim of the varied programme is to encourage the development of knowledge, sensitivity, but also the appetite of the existing audience, with the constant desire to bring the new one, the emphasis being on accessibility, on culture for all. Work as the act of creation itself, the basis also of the very existence of the ballet ensemble, denotes heterogeneous and inclusive action. Engaging in the ballet, also other artistic programmes of the national theatre, through workshops and educational programmes, the ensemble can realize the level of excellence, that is, raise standards of its artistic activity. Inviting the esteemed key Croatian and foreign authors means to recognize new, innovative and creative artists, also the readiness and desire to work with highest artistic standards. Chronologically looking, the season begins with the staging of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, which in its action reflects the focusing of Renaissance on the social phenomenon of power that takes man to the line of losing ethical quality, losing his closest ones and finally losing himself. The power of destiny in confining us is the backbone of the second project entitled In Any Case. Its guiding idea is to make visible a marginalized group of dancers whose aging erodes their professional excellence, usefulness and material existence, often self-respect, as well. With different methods and from different perspectives, these two projects question a constant in the making of a human society, it being its power and its ability to intervene in the entire social being.

With the projects Merry Christmas of Playful Children and Hansel and Gretel, the Rijeka CNT Ballet will address children and the young directly, their parents as well, in order to bring them closer to art, especially to dance and ballet through family topics and questioning of fundamental ethical and human values. We are continuing with making impact on creating, also educating of the new audience, as well as potential creators of art.

And finally, guided by the principle of excellence, we have chosen a contemporary ballet performance Rossini Cards by the choreographer Mauro Bigonzetti, which captivated the critics and the audience throughout Europe and the North America, in order to open to the Rijeka ballet ensemble the opportunity to show and prove again by consistent work their readiness to follow the greatest challenges of contemporary ballet art.

Maša Kolar, Ballet Director