Nothing is as it seems, the reality often being deceptive: in fauna, animals of gentle appearance often hide a fierce brutality; among flora, flowers of intoxicating smell hide deadly poisons; in the human world, kind smiles can hide cruel intentions, while a cold reproaching look silent love.

A theatre is the mirror of the world, in it everyone can see a reflection of her or his own life, wishes and yearnings. But, the mirror is an artefact, unnatural formation invented to show something similar to the lens that enlarges only small, to the eye invisible details, something that slows down scenes that unfold too fast in a real life or that which ironically distorts contours that become too long or too wide.
It is the difference between what is and what is shown, between the appearance and the content, between body and soul that is the theme of this rich season. Different authors, different genres, standards and dialects, laughter  and tears, this is the repertoire that we are offering this year, rich as a royal feast at which our actors are serving. Let us serve one dish after the other; taste with us the pleasure of the theatre, culture being the food of the spirit.

Giulio Settimo,  Italian Drama director