17 December 2020

Last night’s first performance of this season’s family ballet classic testified to the fact that The Nutcracker has become an obligatory part of holiday tradition over time. The theatre is filled to the extent possible while adhering to the anti-epidemic measures that truly make it a safe oasis of Advent atmosphere. Within the audience are enthusiastic children for whom this Nutcracker, the world of dreams and adventures of the girl Marie, is most often the first encounter with the world of ballet. The adults are equally enthusiastic, because although Marie grows up in the show, for the audience, The Nutcracker is always a return to their own childhood. It is a return filled with magic, and we all need a little magic now more than ever.

“We are happy that we were able to be in the theatre tonight; that experience is irreplaceable. This Nutracker is different from the classic one, but the story and the dance are equally fascinating. The ballet ensemble is great, and the scenery and costumes are beautiful.”

“A very fun Nutcracker with a lot of acting. We enjoyed it!”

“A nice, beautiful evening. At least for a short while, we were able to be in another world.”

“We are grateful that we were able to enjoy the live performance of The Nutcracker, even at this time. The performance was first-rate. Congratulations to all the dancers. Congratulations also for the courage to create a contemporary fairy tale.”

If you have secured your tickets on time, you will be able to enjoy The Nutcracker in the following days. And if we haven’t reminded you already, we are adding five more performances (January 4, 5, 7., 12. and 13). Hurry!

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