9 November 2020

All those who managed to purchase tickets to the unforgettable Carmen in the Pula Arena in August 2019, as well as those who did not, will soon have the opportunity to see and hear Bizet’s most famous operative work on the Zajc stage. The premiere of the adaptation of the Pula show awaits you on November 12th. Beautiful music and temperamental Spanish rhythms have made Carmen one of the most performed operas in the world. The timeless opera story of passionate—even blind—love, of jealousy, defiance and rage, composed of only hits, from its arias to its choral parts, will not leave you indifferent this time, either.

The performance of this opera, staged by Selma Banich, Sandra Dekanić, Marin Blažević and Alan Vukelić, will feature our new house conductor, the young maestro Valentin Egel. Performing in the title role will be the Austrian mezzo-soprano Michaela Selinger, who last season delighted the Rijeka audience in the role of Sesta in Händel’s opera Julius Caesar in Egypt – Anew. The role of Don José will be performed alternatingly by the principals of our Theatre, the tenors Aljaž Farasin and Domagoj Dorotić. Anamarija Knego will perform as Micäela, and Luka Ortar as Escamillo.

Giulia Vannoni wrote for Il Ponte: “In his work, the director has moved away from the clichés imprinted in Bizet’s masterpiece; there are no Spanish exotics or searches for local features that over time have become just a rhetorical convention, no more or less obvious stereotypes of seduction … instead, the direction aims to identify the theatrical archetypes contained in the work and offers a very happy synthesis of the same, which explains the fascination with this opera, unchanged since 1875 and present with every audience.”

Be sure to come see what the new staged version of this timelessly beautiful opera offers. Hurry to reserve your tickets for the already nearly sold-out Carmen!


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