7 January 2019

The opera Roméo and Juliette premiering at the Ivan pl. Zajc CNT on 12th January

Definitely the most famous love story of all times, William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet translated into the magnificent opera by Charles Gounod, does not cease to enchant the audiences worldwide ever since its first performance at the Paris Théâtre Lyrique in 1867. It is the first time in history that the Rijeka audience will be able to see this opera!
One of the most romantic operas ever composed, the opera on immortal love, will have its first performance on the Ivan pl. Zajc CNT stage on 12th January 2019 at 18 hours. Roméo and Juliette is a coproduction of the Rijeka Opera, Teatro Alighieri and Fondazione Ravenna Manifestazioni.

Roméo and Juliette abounds with impressive chorus parts, delicate melodies of arias and duets, ecstatic monologues, sweet-sounding waltzes… From the encounter at the masked ball, in the balcony scene, the wedding one, in Juliet’s room, all until the one in the death scene. It is these encounters that enabled the creation of the biggest collection of love duets, more than in any other French opera!
The Rijeka production of Roméo and Juliette unveils a new view of the well-known story. This creative team, together with performers, is celebrating love, doing this in the way that we are already expecting from the Rijeka opera – unexpectedly! Not running away from the comicality and with the alteration of the comic and tragic scenes, promising thus laughter, tears and catharsis.
The romantic opera is clad in sumptuous costumes and a visual spectacle of lighting and set design.
The international soloist cast, namely, seventeen of them, are energetic young singers of exceptional acting skills. The Rijeka-Ravenna Romeo and Juliet, risen above the stars, in eternity, tender and emotive, for all generations, for all those whose only motivation is love.

After the premiere on 12th January, your only opportunity to see Roméo and Juliette is on 24th, 25th or 27th January 2019.

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