3 August 2020

Händel’s baroque opera Julius Caesar in Egypt – Anew about the most famous Roman ruler allowed the audience to experience the gradual construction of the spectacle with excellent performers who make the audience laugh while having great fun themselves. This modernized and updated opera contained many comical moments, touching arias and duets with many happenings, as a true baroque work with a theme from antiquity. The opera is stripped to the core and lavishly decorated with gold, full of twists, passions, despair and desire for revenge.

Here are some of the audience’s perspectives on this summer evening in Egypt:

“I am completely speechless. Pay attention to every detail. We were fascinated from the first bar to the last.”

“I really liked the modernized and updated version of Julius Caesar in Egypt. It’s different and I think it’s even better than the first one, which was also great.”

“There were many surprises and unexpected situations. Simply put, there were things you wouldn’t expect from an opera, and it worked phenomenally. I enjoyed it.”

“I’m very satisfied. I liked the combination of past and present.”

“I’m still amazed by how much I laughed at the opera. The first part is a comedy, at which point it won me over as much as it surprised me. After that, it was not difficult for me to enjoy the tragedy of the characters and the events that followed.”

“The music is beautiful, and the soloists are excellent. I also saw the first version and I was thrilled; now I am thrilled with this one as well. I like that it’s not classically directed.”

“The whole production is truly amazing, as well as the direction, orchestra, conductor, soloists…”

“I really liked it and laughed a lot. It became more and more interesting. At first I was afraid it would be too long, but every act was better and better, and the time flew by.”

“Super. This was my first opera. I think it was a good start; I will come to operas in the future!”

“The music was glorious, the orchestra and conductor are excellent. A surprising concept, from the sitting rehearsal to the luxury of the baroque.”


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