10 January 2021

The concert “Zajc, Beethoven, Shostakovich: Milestones”, in which the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra performed works by Zajc, Beethoven and Shostakovich only nine days after its final New Year’s concert, completely won over the audience. The first half of the concert was romantic, tender and touching, the second half dizzying, strong and eruptive. Especially touching was the performance of Beethoven’s Concerto for Violin and Orchestra, op. 61 with the German violinist Thomas Goldschmidt, since the captivating musical story is inextricably intertwined with the family story – in this Theatre for new generations, the son conducts the father, and not the other way around. Jokes aside, the chief conductor of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra Valentin Egel is the eighth child of the acclaimed virtuoso violinist Thomas Goldschmidt, who in turn is the son of an opera singer and conductor. The violinist returned several times for the curtain call to the thunderous applause of the Rijeka audience. At the very end of the concert, applause rang out for the musicians of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra and their chief conductor. Some followed the concert from the edge of their seats, and the declaration of “Beautiful!” escaped from the lips of others at the end of a movement from Shostakovich’s First Symphony…

Here is what the spectators said about the concert “Milestones”:

“A stunningly first-rate performance. I know what the Rijeka Orchestra can do, but this was special tonight. They deserve for us to come and adore them, nothing less.”

“It is a blessing and a joy to be here and to be able to enjoy the concert. We are grateful to each and every musician, truly.”

“Zajc’s romanticism and gentle melodies are absolutely beautiful. We were enchanted by the phenomenal violinist. Sometimes high tones from the violin can ‘whip’ or ‘pierce’ the ear, but violinist Goldschmidt performed them so gently, finely and romantically. Wonderful atmosphere tonight at the Theatre.”

“I was delighted by Shostakovich. I love the tension and strength of this performance. It was full of surprises. Eruptions. Storms. But also numerous moments of calm.”

“Congratulations to the orchestra. We have had wonderful conductors for the last few years. They are both professional and handsome, which is not unimportant. Egel is also nice to look at. He never leaves out the important roles in the orchestra, nor the orchestra as a whole. Every time his thanks go to the orchestra. We see that, the great respect of the conductor for the orchestra. It’s very nice. We have extraordinary soloists in the orchestra.”

“It is a great joy that we have the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra. There is nothing, we are not allowed anywhere, and going to the Theatre is everything to us! The concert was top-notch!”

“Excellent from A to Z!”

You will have the opportunity to experience the “Milestones” concert for yourself on Monday, January 11 at 7:30 PM.

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