28 July 2020

The stellar “Burning Water” ensemble ignited the premiere audience!

It is not unusual for performers to enjoy audience applause at the end of a successful show or concert, punctuated with cries of “bravo!” and other shouts of approval. But we aren’t used to the delighted screams of an audience freely expressing such joy at the experience! After an intense silence, a completely different atmosphere suddenly erupted from the stillness, closer resembling that of a rock concert. It’s a new generation of audience who delights us without end.

The reaction is not all that surprising, since each and every one of the dancers truly is a star. They shine not only as a group, but also individually. They have proven themselves as distinctive individuals in “Burning Water” through their talents, strength, intellect, and artistry, overcoming all obstacles and previous limitations and cementing their status as a Ballet with character. Andonis Foniadakis, his Greek-French creative team and the Rijeka Ballet also brought the audience a completely new experience, a dive they will never forget. With a strong ecological message, “Burning Water” takes us from the depths of the sea full of strange creatures and sounds, across the cry of the polluted ocean to the pure calm which humanity has yet to reach…

Here are some of the audience’s comments:

“I really admire the dancers. I don’t know what to add; I’m speechless. Something much stronger happened than the show, than the dance. It’s difficult to describe.”

“The performance and the dance ensemble take your breath away.”

“Beautiful. And unusually frightening.”

“I can’t believe that this is our Rijeka ensemble. Both they and the show look worldly.”

“Excellent! Every segment, from dance to music, costumes, scenery…”,


“Impressive. Powerful! In the context of everything we have gone through lately with the pandemic, Rijeka shows that it really is the true capital of culture by putting such high-quality achievements before us.”

“Great music. The actors die on the stage, which is also leaning towards us. Congratulations to them!”

“I have a cramp in my stomach. All I can say is that I admire the dancers.”

“Dancing such demanding choreography on a slope…I have no idea how that’s possible. Excellent job.”

The reprise of “Burning Water”, which is part of the Times of Power segment of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture program, will take place on Thursday, July 30 at 9 PM.

Be sure to come and experience it for yourself!


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