24 May 2017

that the premiere of The Misanthrope delighted the audience, which burst into applause and shouted “bravo” to each of the actors! In the direction of one of the most significant directors of the younger generation in this part of Europe, Vuk Torbica, the Croatian drama ensemble and Katarina Bistrović Darvaš as guest, rendered on the Rijeka Theatre stage a 351 years old work, enriching it significantly with a “contemporary“ comedy.
Some of the first comments from the audience are: “A great production, excellent actors, to master such lines with ease and naturalness – it is a real art, the skill not attainable for all. I think that even the traditional audience will be more than satisfied with such actors and such a text!”, also, “I was certain that in the process of educating the audience such a modernization of a classic was going to occur, but to merge and perform in such a way that the “seams” cannot be seen or felt – my congratulations to all!”, “It’s hard to accept the end in which Alceste does not reach for love, but I understand why, it’s the politics, the society… Still, if all goes to hell, it has to done with style, and Vuk Torbica and the actors managed perfectly to do so.”
The Misanthrope’s director is Igor Vuk Torbica, dramaturge Nataša Antulov, composer Josip Maršić, set designer Branko Hojnik, costume designer Manuela Paladin Šabanović, choreographer Ivana Kalc and the lighting designer Boris Blidar. The cast features Jerko Marčić as Alceste, Leon Lučev as Philinte, Jasmin Mekić as Oronte, Katarina Bistrović Darvaš as Célimène, Marija Tadić as Éliante, Olivera Baljak as Arsinoé, Dražen Mikulić as Acaste and Davor Jureško as Clitandre.
The truth is, The Misanthrope reruns are on 25, 27, 29, 30 and 31 May or 1 June at 19:30 hours.
The truth is that judging by the issues it is opening, there will be more discussions on The Misanthrope and the truth.