28 October 2020

Dear Audience,

We are pleased to inform you that we will once again be together as of November 4th.

After a short break, we have done everything to make you feel even safer during the rest of the season and to enjoy our programs without any burdens. We are continuing with the delayed performances: the play “Il Vangelo del nemico” (“Gospel of the Enemy”) on Wednesday, November 4, followed by the performances of “Oedipus the King” on Friday and Saturday, November 6 and 7. The premiere of the opera “Carmen” is scheduled for November 12, with the premiere of the play “Decamerone” on November 20. You can see the full schedule for November here.

With this, we remind you that Zajc and its de luxe auditorium, as we’ve called it, is a safe place, and that in the CNT Rijeka we are taking care of your safety by implementing all measures by the Institute of Public Health as well as special measures for artistic and cultural performances. In addition to adapting the audience setting to anti-epidemic measures, which eliminates interaction between spectators who did not arrive together, disinfection upon entry is also mandatory, as well as wearing protective masks. Of course, we are also continuing to collect records of all visitors to each performance – you can download the form here (Visitor Record Form) to fill out in advance and bring with you.

See you soon! Although forced into physical distancing, we resist spiritual distance through the theatre. With safety distancing, masks and reduced admittance, the theatre remains one of the few safe places for collective experience. Together with you, we continue this “Survival.”