22 July 2020

Water is the source of life! We develop in water before coming into the world, and our bodies are mostly composed of water; we simply cannot do without it. But water can also be a destructive force, one which no one can truly control.

In his new choreography, the famous choreographer Andonis Foniadakis examines this disparity in the nature of water and its influence on the human body and soul. The premiere of the ballet-dance performance “Burning Water” will be held on July 27, beginning at 9 PM. The choreographer perceives the element of water as a symbol of challenge, vitality, victory and change.

Come witness the dance story about the interaction of water and the human being, and while awaiting the premiere, be sure to take a look at the rehearsal photos in the gallery.


Foto & Video galerija
Foto & Video galerija