18 March 2018

“We were thirsty for such a play!” were the words you could hear after the applause of the enthusiastic audience in the Rijeka Theatre where tonight Water has flown!

The filled up auditorium of the Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka enjoyed the view of the island of Brač, Bobovišće na Moru to be precise, namely the set design by Mauricio Ferlin for the autobiographical short story by Nazor, Water, in the adaptation and dramaturgy of Goran Ferčec, in the direction and choreography of Matija Ferlin, together with up “to the fury of drought” thirsty island community. “The border between actors and dancers has disappeared; it was excellently directed and choreographed” said the amazed spectators of actors of the Croatian Drama and Ballet dancers, they being: Jelena Lopatić (Vlado), Dean Krivačić (Father), Marija Tadić (Mother), Jasmin Mekić (Košće), Aleksandra Stojaković Olenjuk (Livija), Denis Brižić (Vito, Ship Master), Anastazija Balaž (Irma), Nikola Nedić (Boy Juraj, Navdar), Edi Ćelić (Friar), Aleksandar Cvjetković (Narrator), Maria del Mar Hernandez (Little girl), Ksenija Duran Krutova (Young woman), as well as Hélias Tur-Dorvault, Ali Tabbouch, Nika Lilek, Ricardo Campos Freire and Michele Pastorini (Islanders, Sailors, Animals). Costumes have been signed by Desanka Janković and Matija Ferlin, music by the Marinada band and lightning by Alan Vukelić.

Praising all from the team of authors and performers, we are setting apart some of the comments: “A phenomenal work with team can be noticed in the performance, all functioning perfectly, like a Swiss watch”, “The set design, each element, all is exceptional”, “All that has not been said and cannot be said has been shown in an extraordinarily interesting way, brilliant are the sounds, while it is really brave not to have reached for music which would have suggested feelings, but having it all done by actors and dancers; congratulations”, “ Dynamic, beautiful”, “Perhaps the most powerful scene was the one of madness, when Livija recites The cricket”, “I was most impressed by the scenes with community, collective suffering and madness; while we cannot know what it actually is like, we could have identified owing to such a presentation of a real and lasting situation”, “Those sheep are genial, dancers ‘having copied’ brilliantly animal movements – the way they move and react to thirst. I like the decision made for them to be in the play, to be exactly as they are, because without them the play wouldn’t have been the same”, “The wealth of minimalism. Simple. Without pathos. Actually quite simple in an old fashioned way, having the impression that this is what we need!”, “Unbelievable, but we are very thirsty. The performance evoked thirst quite vividly, also the catastrophe after the storm”. “I think this is a quality performance to be offered to children, the young, but neither should the adults miss it as it speaks to all, being of importance for all of us”.

Nazor’s grandniece Olga Perić, PhD, attended the premiere and shared her impressions after the performance: “All that Nazor wished to describe in Water has been seen in this performance, seen from the author’s point of view. The dramaturge as author can also be felt, yet all has been presented. The direction was excellent and so was the choreography. The set design is simple and beautiful. In all respects – I loved it.”
The pleasant time together in the foyer was accompanied by the Marinade band music.

Quench your thirst and come to the reruns od Water in the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc, at 12 hours on 19th and 22nd March and at 19:30 on 21st and 22nd March

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