The Zajc Theatre Gallery – a new view of the theatre, unique in Croatia

Come visit the newly renovated Zajc Theatre Gallery, a promenade of the theatre magic and heritage of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka!

The permanent exhibition of the Zajc Gallery is located in the dynamic space of the two side stairways and on the so-called “Klimt Viewing Platform,” a gallery on the top floor of the Theatre building. We invite visitors to see and explore how we create theatrical magic with the help of set design, lighting, costumes and other elements. They will be able to see hats and costumes, read valuable documents, view photographs and learn many anecdotes from the history of the Theatre. An important part of the Theatre’s story is the insight into how the Theatre works today, which services and workshops participate in the complex and creative process of the preparation and realization of shows. The impressions of the audience and their memories of the old and not-so-distant days of the Theatre form a “Time Capsule” which we will continuously supplement. The “Klimt Viewing Platform” offers a special look at the early works of the famous Gustav Klimt, which were created specially for the vaulted ceiling of the Rijeka Theatre and will soon be returned to their original location.

The weekly working hours of the Gallery, the schedule of group and individual guided tours for citizens and all other related information will be published on the Theatre’s website every Monday.

Foto & Video galerija
Galerija "Zajc"
Individualna ulaznica: odrasli5,50 €
Djeca do 6 godina: besplatno
Individualna ulaznica: djeca do 14 god.3,00 €
Organizirani grupni dolasci: odrasli4,00 €
Organizirani grupni dolasci: učenici, škole i sl.3,00 €
Pretplatnici3,00 €
Uz kupljenu ulaznicu za predstavu3,50 €
Uz kupljenu ulaznicu za predstavu kod učenika1,50 €
Obiteljski paket: 2 odraslih + 2 djece13,50 €