15 May 2020

Dear audience,

The first week of our new online program “Zajc With You 2 – Theatre in a Time of Distance” has concluded. This time we once again received a number of messages of gratitude and satisfaction for the continuation of the program that keeps us in touch with our audience and makes these uncertain times easier.

If you still missed something, here is a brief overview of the past seven days, with an attached video gallery:

We published Rondo from Duo no. 1, op.6 by F. A. Hoffmeister, performed by the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra musicians Anton Kyrylov and Giovanni Genovese. Members of the Rijeka Opera Choir, Ljubov Judčenko Košmerl, Jasmina Cossetto, Dominika Fortunato, Ivana Kajdi and Ivanica Vunić sang The Vine is Ripe (“Rodila loza”) by Ivan Matetić Ronjgov. We also continued our well-known series for the youngest audience, Little Zajc for a Good Night: Tanja Smoje read the fairy tale Stribor Forest by Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, with musical accompaniment by Rijeka Symphony Orchestra musician Matej Pavić on the clarinet. The Ballet ensemble presented the micro-choreography Contact Forbidden according to the concept by Maša Kolar. Our audience had the opportunity to see two clips from the still-awaited premiere of Practicing Life – Second Time / Esercitazione alla vita – seconda volta, directed by Marin Blažević. Young Croatian drama actor Nikola Nedić recited a solemn speech held by the Mayor of Rijeka Slavko Linić on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc – our Golden Anniversary, and the Italian drama actor Mirko Soldano portrayed another mayor of Rijeka, Giovanni de Ciotto. You also saw the duet Caro! Bella! from the opera Julius Caesar in Egypt by Georg Friedrich Handel. It was sung by honorary Opera member Diana Haller and the principal of the Theatre, Anamarija Knego. Additionally, Italian drama actors Lucio Slama, Anton Toni Plešić and Bruno Nacinovich discussed the topic Il Lavoro / Work within the project Riflessioni spiccole / Thought for Change.

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