30 May 2020

Dear Audience,

The final week of our online program “Zajc With You 2 – Theatre in the Time of Distance” has concluded. Thank you for being with us over the past two months, and thank you for your messages of support and satisfaction that we have stayed in touch and thus made these uncertain times easier for ourselves and for you. We are happy that the theatre is once again opening its doors, and we have already held a series of small format performances. The June program brings two long-awaited premieres: the ballet “Lace” with choreography by Maša Kolar, and “Practicing Life – Second Time / Esercitazione alla vita – seconda volta” under the direction of Marin Blažević.

We look forward to welcoming you to the theatre, and if you missed a “Zajc With You 2” video or want to watch anything again, here is a brief review of the past seven days, with an attached gallery of videos.

We published Potpourri from the opera “Nikola Šubić Zrinjski” by Ivan pl. Zajc, and “Grand March” from Verdi’s opera “Aida”, performed by Brass Quintet musicians Ivica Lukanec, Luka Horvat, Tomislav Pavlić, Marijan Orešković and Roman Hantih. Members of the Rijeka Opera Choir Ana Majdak, Lorena Krstić, Vivien Galetta, Ivana Šarić Baštovanović, Iva Peračković, Martin Marić, Dario Cibić, Boris Mohorić, Savo Orobabić and Ivica Žunić sang “A bocca chiusa” from the opera “Madama Butterfly” by Giacomo Puccini. In the series for the youngest audience members, “Little Zajc for a Good Night,” Serena Ferraiuolo read the fairy tale “La prima spade e l’ultima scopa” by the Italian writer Italo Calvin, accompanied by Rijeka Symphony Orchestra musician Giovanni Genovese on the cello. Dramaturges Nina Gojić and Nataša Antulov began a series of conversations titled “Fifth Ensemble: Encounters,” in which they address various topics related to inclusion and the performing arts. Ballet dancers Carlos Huerta Pardo and Maria Matarranz de las Heras presented the micro-choreography of “BoNet” by Zoran Marković and Maša Kolar. Our audience also had the opportunity to see the episode “Conversation with the Parents” as an announcement of the July premiere of the play “Oedipus the King” directed by Luciano Delprato. It was performed by Olivera Baljak, Nikola Nedić, Dean Krivačić, Edi Ćelić and Mario Jovev. You also saw the duet “Parle-moi de ma mère” from the opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet. It was performed by the Theatre’s principals Anamarija Knego and Aljaž Farasin. Actors of the Italian drama company, Elena Brumini, Igor Grčko and Bruno Nacinovich also discussed the topic of “La Paura / Fear” within the project “Riflessioni spicciole / Thought for Change”.

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