31 March 2020

On Monday morning, our young actress Serena Ferraiuolo read an Italian-language excerpt from “Letters to a Young Poet” by renowned Austrian poet Rainer Marie Rilke. At noon, we reminisced about W.A. Mozart and our premiere last year of “The Marriage of Figaro”, directed by Eva Buchmann and conducted by Stefan Rabaglia. Dario Bercich sang the aria “Se vuol ballare,” which he dedicated to those who are alone in isolation. He told us to give them some of our time and smiles to make their solitude a little easier. Yesterday we also started a cycle of fables that our actors and actresses will read from their homes for our youngest audience. The first fable, “The Raven and the Fox,” was read by drama principal Tanja Smoje, aided by her son Fabian. Late in the evening, “Dueto Inoffensivo” from the ballet “Rossini Cards” was presented to our audience, with choreography by Maura Bigonzettija. It was performed by dancers Nika Lilek and Laura Orlić, with piano accompaniment by Filip Fak.

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