6 April 2020

Sunday morning we began with the poem “Two Men in a Fra Angelico Painting,” (“Na jednoj Fra Angelicovoj slici dva muškarca”) by our greatest living poet Danijel Dragojević, read by Croatian Drama actor Edi Ćelić. Opera singer Slavko Sekulić performed the Don Basilia aria from Rossini’s opera, “The Barber of Seville.” He dedicated the aria to all his fellow artists in neighboring Italy. A true surprise awaited our youngest audience—the daughter of dramaturge Nataša Antulov, Nuša Zelič, told the story “The Snail and the Stinkbug,” which she came up with herself! At the end of the day, we presented an excerpt from the ballet “Apollo”, with choreography by Martin Chaix. It was performed by ballet principal Marta Kanazir and ballet dancers Hugo Rodrigues, Emanuele Amuchástegui, Daniele Romeo and Svebor Zgurić.

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