12 April 2020

Saturday morning before Easter began with “Morning (Selfie) Poetry,” with the poem “And You Left” (“I otišla si”) by Senj writer Vladimir Šegota, performed by Ivna Bruck. With the last noon aria of our online program, “In quelle trine morbine” performed by the national opera principal Kristina Kolar, the Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zac wished its loyal audience a happy Easter. The artist record “The Audience is the Reason,” was provided by Marta Kanazir, principal of the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc ballet, from home. For the “Little Zajc for a Good Night” segment, Italian Drama actress Elena Brumini performed the traditional lullaby “Sleep, My Darling” (“Snivaj mi, zlato”). Another in a series of extraordinary dramatic plays by Zajc could be viewed from 10 PM, Pirandell’s work “I giganti della montagna/The Mountain Giants”, directed by Paolo Magelli.

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