15 April 2020

On Tuesday, April 14, the “Zajc With You Online: Time Capsule” program published a valuable document from theatre history: a letter from Viktora Car Emin to the intendant of the National Theatre “Ivan Zajc” from October 28, 1946. The letter was composed shortly after the performance of Car Emin’s drama “In Guard” (“Na straži”) at the Zajc National Theatre, directed by Anđelko Štimac. In the letter, the author addresses the intendant Đuro Rošić and thanks the cast and writing crew, as well as theatre management. “Typos” in the typewritten letter are touching, authentic evidence of the author’s exalted mood. “I can tell you, that evening was like a fantastic story for me, and I was like an actor in it. And in what kind of place! In what chamber! Under what dome! Once again: thank you everyone and many heartiest greetings!” These are the words of writer Viktor Car Emin.

In the evening, honoring the many requests for it by the audience, we once again published the recording of the play “Turbofolk,” directed by Oliver Frljić, which premiered on the stage of CNT Zajc in 2008.

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