20 April 2020

On Friday, April 17, we continued the online exhibition “Zajc With You: Time Capsule” about the Theatre community and activities that connected the audience (employees of working organizations at the time) with the theatre. We published an interested document: an invitation to the Founding Assembly of the Theatre Community of 1969. The spirit of the times is brought to us in a text published in the 1974 newsletter of the Kvarner power plants, highlighting the benefits of employee participation in the Theatre Community. It states: “Sometimes we could organize a little celebration for our pensioners and celebrants instead of honoring them with lamb and cucumbers.” There is also a happy photo from those years of Slavko Šestak and Asim Bukva as guest performers at one of the companies in an excerpt of “Kiss Me Kate,” the proceeds of which were designated for the reconstruction of the theatre building.

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