20 April 2020

On Saturday, April 18, we had small guests on our social networks: we dedicated a virtual exhibit to children’s works that we received in response to our online program!

Students from the “Ippolito Nievo” Primary School in Cordovado, Italy and their teacher Paola Vendrame especially surprised and delighted us with the drawings they made for us after listening to the fairy tale “Il gatto con gli stivali”/”Puss in Boots,” narrated by our Italian drama actor Giuseppe Nicodemo. Our fairy tales have been heard all over Croatia and even in some neighboring countries, and we are happy they have even made it to Italy!
As part of our “Little Zajc for a Good Night” cycle, our Croatian and Italian drama actors have told you seven fairy tales which have collectively been viewed more than 35,000 times! We have received a number of encouraging and beautiful words and messages of support from parents, grandparents, teachers and educators who have cheered, empowered, and motivated us to continue to create content for our youngest audience.
Thank you for that!

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