20 April 2020

Sunday marked a full month of the virtual theatre program on social media: Zajc With You Online.

Exactly one month ago, on March 19th, our theatre temporarily closed its doors due to a pandemic, but the work did not stop: the stage became virtual, but the artists and audience remained connected. Every day we recorded new and original music, poetry, dance and drama pieces by our artists, published records from home, recordings of plays, rehearsals, interesting things from theatre history…all this comprises the “Zajc With You” online program, which the audience has wonderfully supported. We thank you for this today by posting some of your many and wonderful reactions! We believe we will see you again soon, and in person!

“Thank you for the joy you share with us!” (Nataša Semenčić Škoda)
“Bravo for thinking of your loyal audience! We hope that this difficult time will pass and that we will once again be able to enjoy the performances and applaud from the heart.” (Danica Mandekić)
“Congratulations on the whole online program!” (Ana Anic)
“Thank you. We can’t wait to return ❤” (Nada Badurina)
“What you’re doing is really nice. Lovely selection and performances – I miss our theatre!” (Mijenka Smokvina)
“This home edition is wonderful! I think we have never been closer with art than now in these simple, intimate moments! Thank you very much!” (Ivona Martina Nikolajević)
“Bravo, people! Just keep going like this! Don’t stop as long as you can. Thanks!” (Bianca Neve)
“Wonderful performance and wise words. That’s why I always say that artists should be in power…” (Lili Ex)
“The day is brighter with you, THANK YOU” (Maja Badurina)
“Thanks for the shows and please give us more!” (Ana Ćorić)
“Wonderful lullaby! I enjoyed listening. Very, very beautiful and magnificent.” (Irena Babić)
“Bravo, guys, brilliant idea and even better implementation! Congratulations to all!!!” (Jasmina Sikimić Cossetto)
“Bravo! Bravissimo! Three cheers for all of you involved! May this coronavirus be blown away first and all other evils of this world!” (Damir Peloza)
“Bravo! Not just for the selection of these poems, but also generally for introducing us to lesser-known poetry.” (Ana Anic)
“Every night after the news on KanalRi I watch the bedtime story. Wonderful. Thank you all for finding the strength to give us a part of yourselves even in these unusually difficult days. Days which we have never experienced before—neither we “young old folks” nor our parents who survived World War II. We are afraid of something that we do not know what it is, nor where it is, nor why some are ill and others aren’t, and in the end, why some die. The worst part is that we don’t know how much longer it will take. Thank you, my dears, once again for the hope that we will one day see each other again in our beloved theatre.” (Manon Giron)
“Please convey to all employees of CNT Ivan pl. Zajc warmest greetings and support in these times. I am delighted with the selection you offer online, and that my students in virtual classrooms have the opportunity to listen to stories and fables and watch ballet and music scenes which they can’t experience at CNT Ivan pl. Zajc, but on their own living room couch. I hope there will continue to be some nice examples on the theatre page. An excellent idea!”
(Suzana Cvijić- Jeremić, prof.)

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