27 March 2020

The first week of the online program “Zajc With You” has ended. We have received numerous comments of gratitude and expressions of enthusiasm from our loyal audience, so we can conclude that we have been able to recognize what our viewers need at this time. We continue on despite all the difficulties caused by objective circumstances. New videos from our creative team await you today.

If you missed anything yesterday, here’s a summary: Actress Anastazija Balaž wished everyone a good morning with the poem “That Love” (“Ta ljubav”) by Jacques Prevert. At noon, soprano Vanja Zelčić and tenor Marko Fortunato sang the composition Lippen Schweigen from Franz Lehár’s Die lustige Witwe, which they dedicated to the Civil Protection Headquarters, which makes us feel safe even in this difficult time. The story of a cheerful, playful little girl who wouldn’t part with the red cap for which she is named arrived in the homes of our youngest audience members. Actress Sabina Salamon told one of the Grimm brothers’ most famous fairy tales, “Little Red Riding Hood.” She was assisted by Antonio Haller of the Rijeka Symphony Orchestra on the oboe. Later in the evening, Marta Voinea Čavrak presented a ballet solo from the forthcoming premiere of the opera “Julius Caesar in Egypt – Anew, with direction and dramaturgy by Marin Blažević and choreography by Michel Pastorini.

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