23 April 2020

Online exhibit: The theatre box office – where the play begins

The theatre box office is always lively, a place not only for buying tickets, but also for exchanging impressions about plays, for sharing comments, recommendations… There, in a way, the show already begins, and one can feel the excitement of coming to the theatre, the smell of perfumes from refined spectators…

On Wednesday, April 22, we recalled the moment in which the CNT Ivan pl. Zajc box office moved from the theatre building to its current location at Verdijeva 5. On this occasion, an opening was held for the audience with coffee, and the photos evoke a cheerful atmosphere. We have also added one more photo from 1990 showing what the box office looked like at the old location!

Dear audience, even though the box office doors are still closed for now, we remind you that box office employees are available by phone at 051/337-114, by mobile at 091-155 51 63, and by email at Working hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 3 PM and Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM. We hope to return soon and see you in person!

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