27 April 2020

Online exhibit: Zajc Behind Locked Doors

When announcing the next Time Capsule exhibit, we warned readers that they would never again be able to pass the Rijeka Theatre building and park statue without suppressing a smile on their lips. Namely, in the Journal in 1954, an interview was published with Božidar Širol, a student of Ivan Zajc, from whom the Rijeka Theatre received its name. In addition to remembering Zajc as a great composer, Širola also testifies of Zajc as a teacher, and since they were also friends, he recounts anecdotes from Zajc’s family life. On one occasion, Zajc’s wife locked him in the apartment:

“His wife constantly pushed him to compose. To keep him from going anywhere, she would lock him in. Once, delegates of the Zora Singing Society in Karlovac had to come to him to give him a diploma as an honorary member of their society. Zajc could not receive the delegation because his wife had locked him in and left the house, so the delegation held a speech through the closed door and slid the diploma under it.”

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