29 April 2020

Online exhibit

On the first day of 1970, the Ivan Zajc National Theatre closed the building to the audience and events in order to begin the decade-long restoration and renovation of the theatre. After a thorough study, 16 conclusions were reached on what procedures would be necessary. The citizens of Rijeka also self-funded the work.

1. Examine the structural condition of the building

2. Examine the intensity of groundwater and seawater infiltration in the basement spaces and determine the extent of protection against their penetration

3. Restore the façade of the building

4. Restore representative building spaces

5. Reconstruct the roof structure and replace the wood with iron

6. Complete the reconstruction of the power and lighting electrical installations

7. Install a reserve unit

8. Reconstruct the boiler room

9. Add air conditioning to the rooms

10. Perform partial reconstruction of the water supply network and sewage system

11. Introduce automatic fire extinguishing equipment and reconstruct the fire alarm

12. Introduce a new stage lighting system

13. Return the stage to its proper condition

14. Construct movable floor for orchestra space

15. Decide the placement of all departments and rooms which can be accommodated in the theatre building

16. Arrange the immediate surroundings of the theatre building

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