24 April 2020

Online exhibition: Bela Krleža’s Theatre Journal: About an extraordinary Rijeka audience and brazenly flirtatious Carabinieri at the entrance to Rijeka

On Thursday, April 23, we published the moving impressions of the famous actress Bela Krleža from a 1953 guest appearance in the Rijeka Theatre. Our theatre was the first in the then-Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia to put on the Glembajevi Cycle, and the actress also recounts the atmosphere in the city as she experienced it:

“While browsing through my records of my various guest appearances in many theatres in our country, I particularly love the notes about the performances in our Rijeka. In our Rijeka from that time, for years we stared from the “Continental” as if through barred windows and dreamed that a day would come when we would simply and naturally walk from the “Continental” over to that monumental theatre building, where we would listen to our plays in our own beloved language, and that we would perform the works of our authors ourselves.

That all seemed like a dream and a distant illusion in that era not so long ago, when black-clad Carabinieri, who were always slightly brazenly flirtatious, asked for “prego passaporto” when we carried permits to go for “gelato” or “smuggled” little insignificant things more for entertainment than need…”

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