19 March 2020

In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, the Rijeka Theatre has decided to act responsibly and in solidarity with its audience, citizens of Rijeka, and the wider community, especially the most vulnerable who are either at high risk or on the front lines of defense against COVID-19.

As is well-known, a theatre without the public gathering of a large number of people is unimaginable, as the true essence of theatre is social contact and the collective experience of a theatre act, which is why we were among the first to cancel our programs.

Additionally, due to the specificity of theatre work, some of our ensembles cannot continue their usual work, as their operations involve gathering a wide variety of people (orchestra, choir) and physical contact (ballet ensemble).

Nevertheless, we decided that, as long as some work in public institutions is not yet completely banned, we would reorganize and harness our creativity to continue to work and act with responsibility and unity. We therefore announce that we are creating a program called “Zajc With You,” which will be available through the theatre’s YouTube channel and other social networks. On Friday, March 20, and continuing for as long as we are permitted to work, “Zajc” is launching its online program with the following content and schedule:

1. Morning Selfie Poetry

Every morning at 8, one actor from the Croatian or Italian drama company will recite poetry for you. One poem every morning!

2. Aria at Noon

Every day at noon, a soloist from our opera ensemble will perform one aria with a personal dedication.

3. “Little Zajc” (“Zajcić”) for a Good Night

Actors from the Croatian and Italian drama companies will tell your children bedtime stories for a good night.

4. Ballet Insomnia

In the late evening, at 10 PM, the program “Zajc With You” will conclude with a short dance video: ballet practice, solos, choreographic fragments (at a safe distance)…

Of course, during the time of our online presence, all non-at-risk theatre employees are working from home or in the theatre building, respecting all security measures, and are preparing the program which will resume as soon as we are able to open our doors to the audience. All employees are prepared to extend the duration of this season and begin the next earlier in order to incorporate the entire program planned for this year. “Zajc” is a theatre that always has been and will be here because of the citizens of Rijeka, because a city without a theatre is like a city without an identity. A city without a theatre is not truly a city.