7 April 2020

On Monday, April 6, the virtual program of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc began with “A Word on Statistics” (“Przyczynek do statystyki,” Croatian “Prilog statistici”) by Wisława Szymborska, Polish poet and recipient of the Nobel Prize for Literature. The poem was selected and recited by Croatian Drama actress Aleksandra Stojaković Oleniuk. At noon, we remembered that, were it not for the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we would have performed the opera “Romeo and Juliet” at the theatre in the evening, directed by Marin Blažević. Soloist Vaja Zelčić the aria “Je veux vivre” to “her fellow citizens, but also to the entire Croatian nation which has shown that it is humane and unified in the midst of a pandemic that has struck the world.”

At 5 PM we invited the audience to embark on a journey into the Time Capsule for the first time: first through a walk through the virtual exhibit “Practicing Life,” then another at 10pm, when we presented Oliver Frljić’s popular play “Turbofolk.” Before sitting down in front of their screens to either recall this cult Rijeka play or see it for the first time, parents prepared their children for bed with the story “Palle Alone in the World,” (“Pale sam na svijetu”) which became a witty animated film in the hands of Croatian drama actor Nikola Nedić!

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Foto & Video galerija
Foto & Video galerija