8 April 2020

The morning of April 7th began in an avant-garde manner, with Italian Drama actor Mirko Soldano impressively performing the verses of Italian futurist Bruno G. Sanzino on our virtual theatre boards.

At noon, the bass-baritone Dario Bercich appeared on the internet performing the aria “Votre toast” from the famous Bizet’s “Carmen”, with piano accompaniment by Igor Vlajnić. “This aria is my dedication to all volunteers and those who help selflessly, not because it is in their job description or out of duty, but because their heart commands it. By displaying daily and tireless humanity in action, hundreds of volunteers are restoring hope to all of us.” (Dario Bercich)

At 5 PM, Italian Drama actor Giuseppe Nicodemo, while watering his plants in home quarantine, shared his thoughts with the audience on the circumstances that are affecting both artists and audiences these days.

At 8 PM, the versatile artist Leonora Surian soothed the smaller members of our audience by singing us a lullaby, and at 10 PM we showed one of Zajc’s most famous dramatic plays in recent years, based on Krleža: “Michelangelo”.

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