10 April 2020

On Thursday, April 9th, Dean Krivačić wished us all a good morning with the verses of a poem we all know: “On the Blue Sea Pier,” (“Na morskome plavom žalu”).

The noon aria of our “Zajc With You” program was sensationally transformed by members of the Rijeka Opera Men’s Choir into a dedication to Ivan Matetić Ronjgov: “Art does not recognize distance; art destroys borders. It united us even in this time of trouble, and through the sounds of the homeland, the oblivion was swept away by the efforts of one man, the composer Ivan Matetić Ronjgov. Building on the foundations of an original and unique cultural heritage, our jewel on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage – singing and playing on the Istrian scale – he composed pieces that are considered pearls of both Croatian and world choral and a cappella literature. The words of the composer himself served as a great motivation to create this performance in these difficult conditions: ‘…to show and prove to the whole world that our Istrian-coastal music is just as worthy of the concert floor as any other, and perhaps even more so because it is original.’ Therefore, we dedicate this optimistically-titled Matetić composition to the 140th anniversary of his birth, announcing a commemorative concert to celebrate our great composer on this occasion, hopefully in the near future!

“The Record of Artists from Quarantine,” this time from our ballet soloist Laura Orlić, was posted at 5 PM, and “Little Zajc for a Good Night” was hosted by national drama principal Olivera Baljak, who gifted us with Brahms’ lullaby.

Yet another #stayhome Thursday has passed, which we rounded off with a touching play, “Vincent,” a reminder to think about how you are different and vulnerable now, which we all are at some point in life.

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