Kristina Kaplan Rukavina

Executive producer of Ballet
In this season

Kristina Kapaln Rukavina had graduated from the Central School of Ballet, London in 1996. whereupon she started working as a ballet dancer at the CNT Ivana pl. Zajca in her native Rijeka. In addition to her continuous dancing career, from 2005.-2012. she was also involved in teaching (children aged 5 to 15) as the Head of the ballet workshop affilated to the project „Labin – healthy city“ and as an associate in the musical theater workshop. Exploration of more creative ways of teaching and being with children (whilst trying to train them in basic ballet technique and spark off awareness of their personal artistic capacities), fortified her interest in psychology. Consequently she graduated from the Open University London with a BA Psychology in 2003., and MS Psychology in 2013. Through personal maturing process, she had always gladly accepted the challenges of new positions within the Theatre. Hence she worked as the Ballet Director’s Assistant from 2015. until 2016., as the Acting Ballet Director from 2016. until 2017. and is currently employed as the Executive Ballet Producer. Desire to apply knowledge of psychology in sinergy with knowledge of ballet and theatre arts, made her enroll into the School for Cybernetics and Systemic Therapy. Curently as an external associate of the Social Care Department, she is running measures of expert help and support in implementation and excersing of parental care for separated and divorced couples.