Nadav Zelner

Nadav Zelner was born in 1992 in Ramia, Israel. As a child Nadav loved dancing and listening to music and during his high school years he discovered his choreography skills. Over the years Nadav formed a unique dance language and recently he started to develop his own dance technique of which he wants to make accessible to the world. Nadav was invited to create work pieces for dance companies around the world. For his recent work he was invited by Marco Goecke to create a full evening for his company to open the season at the Staatsoper theater in Hannover, Germany. Other companies he created for are the Batcheva Dance Company, Gautier Dance Company, St. Gallen Theater, Stanislavsky Ballet, Augsburg Ballet, Introdans, Stadttheater Bremerhaven, Chinese International Chongging Ballet Company. Nadav was invited by the prima ballerina Ekaterina Shipulina from the Bolshoi Ballet to create for her a solo called “Ikra”.

Nadav has a deep passion for cinema and he loves creating short dance films. In 2019 one of nadirs films inspired director of the Eurovision in Israel to create the entire concept to the postcards around dance and he invited Nadav to choreograph a major part of he postcards. In the 2021/22 season he has created “Frederic superstar” for Salzburg ballet and his world premier “Bedtime story” for NDT which marks Nadavs debut with NDT.